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Terms & Condition

1. Common Condition

  • Airport transfer is Private transfer service. Not a shared.
  • We do not charge for the waiting time after the plane has landed, But If your flight has any serious delays please inform us as soon as possible.
  • Prices calculated by EURO but payment system US dollars selling rates.
  • If you choose pickup location Airport driver will meet you at the arrival terminal of the airport carrying your name-board.
  • Royaltransfer team will not carry more passengers than its insurance or licensing allows.
  • Charges are subject to changes due to increase of fuel price and Taxes.
  • Payment can be paid by online / credit card or upon arrival to the driver.
  • Royaltransfer shall use all reasonable endeavors to get you to your destination on time, but shall not be liable for any loss due to delays caused by road or traffic conditions beyond its control on the journey.

2. Making a Booking

  • The client is responsible for the information provided when making a booking.
  • The client must provide a full and valid address for pick-up/drop-off in resort. Any changes to this address must be provided in writing. If no address is provided or the address provided is invalid, the client will be picked-up/dropped-off a central point in resort (such as the Tourist Office or train station).
  • Where the client has provided an incorrect date or time in the transfer booking, the client must notify RoyalTransfers immediately in writing via email.
  • Where the transfer booking has already been confirmed by RoyalTransfers, changes to the date or time of the booking may result in a cancellation of the original booking, and the RoyalTransfers cancellation policy (see paragraph 4 below) will apply. The client may have to make a new booking with the correct time and date, together with payment of the applicable tariff.
  • The client accepts these booking conditions on behalf of each member of the party.
  • When making a telephone booking the client accepts that the booking will be governed by the terms and conditions that are present on the RoyalTransfers website at the time of booking.
  • Should more passengers present themselves for transfer than noted on the booking it may not be possible to carry the extra passenger(s). The extra passenger(s) will have to make their own way to their destination and RoyalTransfers will accept no responsibility or liability for said extra passenger(s).
  • The correct size baby seat must be requested if you need to book it.
  • Children smaller than 135cm must use one of the appropriate sized seats stated above.
  • The child seats provided comply with all relevant legislation.
  • RoyalTransfers will Endeavour to honour special requirement requests, such as the provision of child restraint seats, but are not contractually obliged to do so.

3. Payment and Pricing

  • Full acceptance of RoyalTransfers price for the service requested is assumed at the time of booking.
  • Where the client has provided an email address at the time of booking, RoyalTransfers will produce written confirmation by PDF / email of the details regarding the booking.
  • All prices published on the website, in print, or quoted over the phone or via email by a RoyalTransfers representative or employee, are subject to RoyalTransfers and it's partner's terms and conditions.

4. Cancellation Charges and Fees

  • Private transfers bookings are fully refundable if notification of the cancellation is received in writing by RoyalTransfers more than 12 hours prior to the transfer date.
  • When a client cancels a confirmed booking, RoyalTransfers will charge a 10$ administration fee to cover the administration and banking costs. (If the bank charge only).
  • When a client has a confirmed booking with RoyalTransfers and for any reason the client does not utilize our service, RoyalTransfers reserves the right to recover payment of the total booking cost from the client.

5. Luggage

  • Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking.
  • RoyalTransfers will take all reasonable care in loading luggage, however we accept no responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit. Clients are advised to check the terms of their travel insurance policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the airline and or handling agent of the airline to deliver any lost luggage to the passenger.

6. Eating, drinking, smoking

  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol beverages is forbidden in RoyalTransfers vehicles.
  • The consumption of alcohol in vehicles is prohibited by law.
  • RoyalTransfers reserves the right (and delegates to its chauffeurs the right) to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat or nuisance to the driver, the vehicle or the other passenger(s).

7. Damage and soiling of the vehicles

  • Passengers who soil the interior of a van are liable to an on the spot fine of 100€ to cover the cost of valet cleaning. This fine is payable immediately to the RoyalTransfers driver.
  • If payment cannot, or will not be made RoyalTransfers will cancel any outstanding transfer(s) for the passenger(s) concerned with no refund given. RoyalTransfers reserves the right to interrupt the transfer service following such an incident in transit.
  • RoyalTransfers reserves the right to take legal action against the passenger(s) concerned to recover the cost of cleaning the vehicle. Such action will include all legal costs RoyalTransfers incur.
  • Any damage caused to a RoyalTransfers vehicle by a passenger(s) must be paid for immediately.
  • In cases where this is not possible, RoyalTransfers will take legal action against the client and/or passenger to recover the money.

8. Failure to fulfil confirmed bookings

  • If RoyalTransfers fail to provide a confirmed service because of an inability to contact the client, RoyalTransfers will not be held responsible for any losses incurred.
  • Clients are advised to provide a means of contact, preferably a mobile telephone that is switched on, global-roaming enabled, and with sufficient battery life.
  • RoyalTransfers will use every reasonable means to ensure that the vehicle(s) arrives on time to begin the period of hire and that it reaches its destination on time.
  • RoyalTransfers will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of any delay due to causes beyond its control, and which may cause the client to incur additional costs or loss. The following are examples, but not an exhaustive list of circumstances which are not within our control:

9. Complaints, disputes

  • Any complaints or service issues should be addressed RoyalTransfers via email. RoyalTransfers will endeavour to resolve all service issues and respond to all complaints within 14 days of receipt.
  • Any dispute between RoyalTransfers and a third party, if not resolved by mutual agreement shall be referred to a mediator. However, if mediation is unsuccessful, then the matter of the dispute will be referred to a formal litigation process through the France courts.

RoyalTransfers may alter Changes to contractual terms
These terms and conditions are change from time to time.

Any question please contact booking@royaltransfer.com
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